Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Shots...

Okay, so I remember shots a lot worse than they are. Turns out it wasn't "so bad". :-)

I seem to recall massive needles that, when the liquid is injected, feels as if it is cutting a path right through your muscle (one didn't feel particularly good going in today but it wasn't a HUGE pain). But I think the main concern I had was getting five. For India, you need:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Tetanus, and
Polio Boosters

With follow-up Hep shots in another month and then six months from now too apparently. When I got back to the office, everyone was asking me how the shots were and if I fainted.

Then they told me not to worry about the plane ride either. Apparently, we are to be flown first class for both 9 hour jags. This means lots of room, my own TV, and fresh socks. I found it odd that I get fresh socks but clearly they are not taking any chances that someone might have a foot odor problem and, I gotta be honest. If Travis were flying with me, that would be a blessing. Ha!

One guy told me that filet mignon is served and all the drinks you like of any kind. We have a two-hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany where we are encouraged to shower in the executive lounge and where breakfast is also served and then we'll fly another 9 hours into Bangalore with the same sort of service we had on the first flight. All in all, if I have to worry about impending doom in the form of a fiery crash, at least I can be wearing fresh socks on the way down!

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